12th December 2017 

Complementary Therapists. Louise Woods

Louise Tremayne - EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, Crystal therapy

Louise is a warm, caring and intuitive therapist who is fully qualified and insured. Her main passion is helping people suffering from stress or anxiety by offering her clients a safe environment to work on their issues. Louise is also experienced working through fears & phobias, addictions and weight loss.

Louise uses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to help people though their issues; and for those in need of some physical pampering Louise also offers Reiki, and Crystal Therapy. These relaxing, re-balancing and energising treatments are designed to create a sense of well-being, in mind, body and spirit.

Louise encourages any potential client to telephone and discuss their requirements without needing to travel or pay for a consultation first. Louise believes in finding the right fit between client and therapist and empowering her clients to help themselves as much as possible by providing supporting information during the consultation sessions. Consultations are completely confidential and offered on a 1 to 1 basis. Louise is ready to help you improve your sense of well-being and live a more fulfilling life.

Contact Details:
Tel: 07866 013 637
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Complementary Therapists. Libby by Mani

Libby Clapham - Registered Homeopath

Feeling unwell but doctors can't find anything wrong?
Sometimes there just isn't a label for feeling under the weather but you know you are not functioning at your best. Homeopathy doesn't need to give your illnesses labels because homeopaths select an individual remedy for you as an whole person.

Can't take medication because it conflicts with something else you are taking?
Homeopathic remedies are safe to take with conventional medicine because they work in a different way.

Don't want to take conventional medication because of the side effects?
Homeopathic remedies usually have a gentle action and are without side effects.

Want to find out more? - www.libbyclaphamnaturalhealth.co.uk

Complementary Therapists. Sandra Joyce

Sandra Joyce MA (Hons), LBSH, RSHom - Registered Homeopath

A mindful, well-informed and compassionate ally for anyone looking to improve any aspect of their health and well-being, or that of a loved one. Complete confidentiality is assured at all times, along with respect for and co-operation with any other appropriate form of medicine being used, whether mainstream or another alternative. Whilst I am sure of homeopathy’s scope and power as complementary medicine, I am very happy to refer on or to work alongside other practitioners, appropriate to a patient’s particular need. The best outcome for the patient is my number one priority.

I have a particular interest in musculo-skeletal problems and how homeopathy can support or enhance the work of massage therapists and other body workers. I have seen how an appropriate homeopathic prescription can speed the resolution of physical trauma (e.g. muscle spasm, damage to soft tissue or bone, nerve compression); and I have also seen how an appropriate homeopathic prescription can release a patient from a mind set or emotional outlook that is hampering recovery and resolution of a physical complaint, such as low back pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica.
07521 384280

Jimmy Huang - Acupuncture


Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used in China for over 4000 years and is still a popular method of treatment both in China and around the world today. It includes natural herbal treatments, acupuncture, Chinese and tuina massage. Methods work to balance the Yin and Yang, regulating the flow of energy and harmonizing the function of the different organs.

After studying for 5 years at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Jimmy Huang graduated in 1993 as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupuncture: 30 min appointment - 35 60 min appointment - 55

5% discount for a course of five appointments. Further discounts available for longer courses.

Chinese Massage: 30 min appointment - 28; 60 min appointment - 45; 90 min appointment - 65


E-mail: jimmy.acupuncture@gmail.com

Tel: 01392 438683 (Exeter)

Mobile: 07702889158

Complementary Therapists. Bex Hill portrait

Bex Hill - Clinical Reflexologist and Reiki

Reflexology is an amazing non intrusive therapy which aims to activate the healing powers within your own body through the manipulation of the feet. By restoring balance naturally within the body, it releases tension, restores energy levels, improves sleep, helping you to feel emotionally and physically stronger.
Reflexology is not just a wonderful relaxing therapeutic treatment, but is widely used to support those suffering from a wide range of conditions such as migraine, depression, anxiety, IBS, chronic pain and fatigue, and autoimmune disorders and can be used safely alongside conventional medical treatments.
I also specialise in advanced reflexology for women's health, supporting women from the beginning of their pregnancy during conception, right through to labouring and delivering naturally, and then helping their body recover and rebalance after birth.
It is also beneficial in supporting women who have other endocrine disorders such as endometriosis, PCOS, pre menstrual tension or who are menopausal.

To get the most from your reflexology treatment it is advisable to have a course of 6 treatments, to allow your body to fully balance and restore itself back to optimum health and vitality.

To make an appointment: phone 07581 402290

Complementary Therapists. Kate Booth

Kate Booth - Reflexologist

Are you lacking in energy?
Feeling low?
Struggling with a particular health issue?

I may be able to help you with Reflexology - a deeply relaxing and balancing, non-intrusive complementary therapy of ancient origin. Reflexology can simultaneously relax and energize you, restoring a harmonious balance.

Whether you have a physical or emotional difficulty that you would like support with, whether you would like to de - stress and unwind or whether you would like to maintain your health and wellbeing Reflexology may be the journey to go on.

I have found reflexology to be a profoundly revitalizing and grounding therapy. It works with the theory that different points of the feet correspond to different areas of the body at both emotional and physical levels. Through using specific pressures on the different areas of the feet I support the body to restore balance naturally and work to unblock energy channels.

Working holistically, I take great care to understand you as an individual so that I can tailor treatment to your individual needs providing warm, candle lit and calm surroundings to encourage optimum outcomes. Reflexology can help people suffering from a wide range of conditions such as hormonal imbalances, low mood, low energy levels, depression and anxiety, digestive disorders, pain, stress, headaches and migraines, PMS, sleep disorders and more. I recommend an initial course of 4 to 6 sessions to feel the benefits.

45 min appointment - 30
60 min appointment - 45

To find out more or book an appointment
contact Kate on 07475 044987

Please note that all our therapists are appropriately qualified and are all self employed professionals independently accountable.
Complementary Therapists. woodland scene

DIRECTIONS Massage and Wellbeing Centre, 18 Gandy Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 3LS - you will find us at the Museum end of Gandy Street, just off the High Street and right in the heart of the city. The entrance is next door to Moko. Walk through into the courtyard and the door is on the right. Press the intercom for entry, come up to the first floor reception area and take a seat. Your therapist will come out to fetch you. Please make an appointment by phoning or emailing as per the contact details at the top of the page.

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