23rd April 2018 
Counselling and Hypnotherapy. woodland pathway

Do you

Want to change your outlook on life?

Need some help to sort things out? A listening ear?

A place to feel safe, accepted, free to say what needs to be said?

Working with a trained counsellor or hypnotherapist can help you make sense of the past, sort out issues and get your life back on track.


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Tania Watson Counsellor Counsellor
Nick Clapham NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist

Wondering what NLP and Hypnotherapy involves? Click here to find out.

Counselling and Hypnotherapy. Carl Rogers accept yourself

Counselling and Hypnotherapy. Tania Watson small

Tania Watson - Counsellor

A safe and confidential space in which you can explore any issue.

An understanding and supportive environment.

A space to explore thoughts and feelings and look at the negative impact they may be having.

The freedom to truly express yourself and be accepted just as you are.

Tania is a highly qualified and very experienced counsellor who offers both open ended and short term counselling as needed, to help you explore and resolve issues, feelings, past traumas, worries, anxieties and depression.
These take place on a regular basis, usually weekly and last for an hour. In certain circumstances it is possible to book longer sessions.
Individual counselling 35 per hour
Couples counselling 50 per hour
Family therapy 50 per hour
(A few sessions are available at reduced rates for students and those in financial difficulty)

24 hours notice is required for cancellation or a 20 cancellation fee is charged
Have a chat or make an appointment - Phone 07967 570014

Counselling and Hypnotherapy. japanese garden lc

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy

NLP Helps you to deal with the effects of past experiences.
It is particularly well known for its Phobia treatment, in many cases helping people to get rid of a phobia within hours or even minutes.
NLP starts from the belief that you are not broken and that you don't need to be “fixed” rather that your mind has learned, and is applying, a strategy that isn't suitable to the situation.
Starting with this belief, NLP attempts to exchange the processes that your mind is using for those used by people who are successfully achieving the same goals as you. If for example you are struggling with an addiction to something that is bad for you, NLP would say that the addiction strategy that you have is good but it's attached to the wrong thing, so why not make use of it for something positive, like eating healthily.
NLP is often used in combination with Hypnotherapy to great effect. Paul Mckenna, Derren Brown and Anthony Robbins are all well known proponents of NLP and regularly use NLP techniques.

Not to be confused with Stage Hypnosis, hypnotherapy makes use of the subconscious part of your mind to help you to make changes in your life.
It can be used to effectively deal with addictions, bad habits, anxiety, fears, phobias and to build confidence, motivation and many other positive traits.
Hypnotherapy makes use of your natural ability to move between altered states. This is something that everyone does all the time, if you've ever been travelling along a route that you regularly use and found that you can't remember the last few minutes - then you were in an altered state commonly known as “trance”.
The hypnotherapist will help you to shift into this altered state deliberately and then give carefully designed suggestions directly to your subconscious, to help you to make the changes you need.

Nick Clapham
Alison Alexander

Counselling and Hypnotherapy. nick clapham

Nick Clapham INLPTA Prac, ABH, BTAA

Are there things which you think about too much of the time and it makes you feel bad or stops you from achieving your aims?
If the answer is yes then Nick can help you to quit smoking, start a relationship, lose weight, break habits, give speeches and presentations, get rid of anxiety and phobias, become motivated and full of self confidence.
Nick will work with you using a combination of simple and advanced techniques from NLP and Hypnotherapy in a gentle calm atmosphere, easing your way towards your goals, helping you to make lasting changes for the better quickly. Each session is tailored with expert flexibility to match you as a unique person.
NIck has a particular interest and expertise in working with athletes and with people struggling to find relationships.
Nick trained with the International NLP Trainers Association and the American Board of Hypnosis, then going on to learn advanced techniques from Paul Mckenna and Richard Bandler. His practical, non-showy approach to Hypnosis makes working with Nick a unique experience.

Have a chat or make an appointment - Phone 07815 463108

Email: Hypnosisouthwest@gmail.com

Please note that all our therapists are appropriately qualified and are all self employed professionals independently accountable.

DIRECTIONS Massage and Wellbeing Centre, 18 Gandy Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 3LS - you will find us at the Museum end of Gandy Street, just off the High Street and right in the heart of the city. The entrance is next door to Moko. Walk through into the courtyard and the door is on the right. Press the intercom for entry, come up to the first floor reception area and take a seat. Your therapist will come out to fetch you. Please make an appointment by phoning or emailing as per the contact details at the top of the page.

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