18th August 2022 

The Good Birth Class with KG Hypnobirthing - Antenatal class taught by Libby Clapham

Are you looking for a gentle, calm birth?

Hypnobirthing allows you to experience the magic of birth and puts you in charge so your baby will be born calm and alert as nature intended, able to bond with you quickly and settle into healthy sleeping and feeding patterns.

Using hypnobirthing you are more likely to experience a natural, calm, drug free and comfortable birth - labour can be shorter and more comfortable. Having said that, no one can guarantee you a problem free birth, but hypnobirthing teaches you how to deal with whatever comes your way, calmly and positively and this can help your baby too to experience as calm and positive a birth as is possible.

Childbirth can be an empowering experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

If you are feeling apprehensive, fearful or even terrified of giving birth - either because of stories you have heard, the way our culture portrays birth as we grow up or because you have had a less than positive experience of giving birth in the past, hypnobirthing classes can reverse this and help you to feel in control, replacing fear and anxiety with confidence and knowledge.

What you learn

Release fear, tension and pain

Learn to induce deep relaxation

Massage techniques to release endorphins - your body's natural anaesthetic

Visualisation exercises and affirmations to keep you grounded, serene and positive

Knowledge and awareness so you are more in control


Hypnobirthing actively involves fathers or birth partners so they become an integral and important part of the experience and can play a positive role in the birth. Rather than feeling like a spare part you learn how you can help to achieve the best possible birth.

Not only do you learn "what" to do, but you also learn tools and techniques so that you know "how"

Testimonials from parents who have attended the Good Birth Class and used KG HypnoBirthing

Nearly a year after the birth of my second son, I put on the hypnobirthing CD I used when he was born. Within the first few notes I was transported back to the happiest time of my life. During the birth and the few weeks leading up to it I felt quite literally 'out of this world', living in a cocoon of peace, tranquility and safety. The hypnobirthing course enabled me to access a deep strength that I never knew I had. It made me whole; it made my baby's birth magical. Thank you. ES

I'm a suited and booted lawyer so the hippy approach wouldn't have been for me. The scientific reasoning behind the techniques were what really appealed to me. The whole thing just made sense in terms of working 'with' your body to achieve a calm birth.

Just to say baby was born at home in my birth pool after a 12 hour labour. Honestly don't think I could have done it without the classes we did with you and mostly the fact that it gave N the confidence to be the best labour partner ever. Had no pain relief at all and there is NO way I could have done that without the breathing practice. Thank you SO much for helping give us such an empowering experience. LC

I can't thank you enough for equipping me with the knowledge that carried me through the birth. I literally feel like I breezed through it and no, I wouldn't say it was painful. Hypnobirthing definitely gave me the knowledge I needed to really stay positive and know what was happening and why. It was so empowering! HB

Read the experiences of many more parents and midwives at www.goodbirthclass.co.uk and www.thehypnobirthingcentre.co.uk

About Libby Clapham

I am passionate about helping mothers to achieve the best possible birth they can. It can be a calm, gentle and positive experience whether it is at home or in hospital, straightforward or with interventions. Most of us are conditioned by our culture to think of birth as a difficult, painful and dangerous experience and I want to help you realise that it can also be calm, joyful, positive and powerful by replacing this negative conditioning.

As a hypnotherapist I know how powerful the mind is and the techniques you learn in HypnoBirthing will continue to be helpful throughout your life. You remain in control and fully conscious the whole time, but deeply relaxed so allowing your body to do what it is designed to do as efficiently and easily as it can.

I began as an antenatal teacher for the National Childbirth Trust and I am also a trained and registered hypnotherapist as well as an experienced homeopath with a special interest in pregnancy and childbirth. Most importantly I have two children of my own - one born by emergency caesarian after a long labour and one vaginally so I'm very familiar with the process of giving birth and well equipped to teach HypnoBirthing.

Find out more by visiting my website www.goodbirthclass.co.uk
Contact me direct on 07986 157854 for a no obligation chat or to book a class.
Next group class at Massage and Wellbeing Centre: on my website: www.goodbirthclass.co.uk or go to my Facebook page KG Hypnobirthing Exeter

DIRECTIONS Massage and Wellbeing Centre, 18 Gandy Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 3LS - you will find us at the Museum end of Gandy Street, just off the High Street and right in the heart of the city. The entrance is next door to Moko. Walk through into the courtyard and the door is on the right. Press the intercom for entry, come up to the first floor reception area where Libby will meet you.
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